April Guest


B. Science – 3rd Year

Tell us that story which you’ve always wanted to tell but have never had the right opportunity…
I once got stung by a huntsman-killing spider wasp because I was trying to help it carry a paralysed huntsman up a wall. It was awesome.

What animal most closely resembles you and why?

A human (right? You’ve never suspected otherwise have you? On no. Wait. You’re referring to that one time.. Uh, that wasn’t me, that was, uhhh, my pet reptilian overlord).

What is your favourite meme?

Neha Beri


B. Education – 3rd Year

How do you like your coffee?
I’m a tea girl.

What animal most closely resembles you and why?
The Elephant: Although one could argue that my 5 foot frame is suited to something a bit smaller … I do however play the trumpet and I have the elephant’s qualities of calmness and perseverance.

What is your favourite meme?



B. Science / B. Advanced Studies

How do you like your coffee?
Replaced with a hot chocolate.

Describe yourself in five words or less.
Science kid gone percussionist!

What keeps you awake at night?
Thinking about all the obscure time signatures that exist! 7/8 is my personal favourite.

Gus Mackay

Music Director

B. Science (Adv) – Honours

How do you like your coffee hot chocolate?
Extra hot and made with real chocolate, not chocolate powder.

What would be the title of your autobiography?
Angus Mackay: An Autobiography

What is one highlight from your time in SUMBA?
Late one Thursday arvo during rehearsal, we decided to march through the USYD quadrangle. We were hesitant as there were about 40 people milling around in the centre of the quad. Our fears were unfounded, they loved the marching band and got behind us, cheering us on as we blasted out YMCA and ‘The Time Is Now’! They demanded an encore, so we turned around for another lap, and the crowd followed us out, cheering and singing along as we marched out through the iconic quadrangle entrance. A very special moment!

(It turned out to be a cohort of medical students who had just finished their final exam!)

Tom Clark

Director of Planning and Events (DOPE)

B. Science (Adv) – Honours

What is your best one-liner?
Yesterday’s goals are todays problems.

How do you like your coffee?
As caffeinated as possible.

What’s your hidden talent?
I’m an avid Gecko fan.

Angus Hawken

Vice President

B. Science (Adv) – 2nd Year

What animal most closely resembles you and why?
I used to get giraffe a lot, but I’m not entirely sure why that might be.

What keeps you awake at night?
If you cut the corner off of a piece of paper, it gets another corner. Worse, you end up with another piece with another 3 corners. So, you’ve doubled your number of corners instead. How are we supposed to contain this threat?

What’s your hidden talent?
Getting 8 hours of sleep consistently and still falling asleep on the train.

Update on COVID-19

Hi everyone,

As you are possibly aware, Sydney University sent out recommendations in the last few hours indicating that the University highly recommends all gatherings and events be cancelled or postponed due to the threat of the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). The World Health Organisation has declared COVID-19 is a global pandemic, and as a result heightened preventative methods are stressed.

Therefore, as a results the SUMBA exec are figuring out what events and rehearsals we may have to cancel this semester. In our discussions, we are taking into account the recommendations of the Uni and the Australian government, and are factoring in actions of other organisations (e.g. the Sydney Royal Easter Show unfortunately deciding to cancel the show this year).

For those who haven't read my other really long post in the 'SUMBA Plays at the Rugby' event, we are no longer playing at the rugby tomorrow (Sat 14th), and will make sure everyone gets their instruments back who needs them...

We will keep you all updated about what decisions are being made, especially about rehearsal next Thursday (right now we are just waiting on more information from the Uni and USU). We're really sorry that new members are not getting the ultimate SUMBA experience, and hope you won't hate us all too much wooo  :(

If you have any questions or comments etc. etc. DO NOT HESITATE IN CONTACTING US to discuss things!