This evening was a very special day for SUMBA; 5pm marked the return of (I kid you not) actual in-person rehearsals, a feat that would have only been a dream a few months ago. Once all of us (aka just me) could get over the amazement of real life music and (COVID-safe) human interaction, the rehearsal could get started.

Marching-hardened veteran SUMBA members and a few new faces came together to revisit some classic SUMBA bangers, including a very impressive up-to-tempo El Cumbanchero, and of course the unskippable Oye Como Va. And despite a smaller band than usual, the music sounded as wonderful as the taste of the pizza-and-garlic-bread feast that came after.

What is that I sense? You’re envious of us rehearsal attendees? Well, I have a simple solution for you! Come and join SUMBA of course‼ For more info check out our Facebook page ( or rock up to our on-campus rehearsal next Thursday at 5pm. You will be very much welcome! 🙂

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