Yes, you read that right, and no, that isn’t just blatant arrogance from someone who was on that exec team… Rather, SUMBA’s executive team for 2020 actually were awarded Sydney University’s C&S prize for ‘Best Executive Team’ (go have a looky-look at the members, April, Neave, Gus, Neha, Angus, and Tom, under the ‘Meet the Exec’ page). After a COVID-19-packed year of sadly no staple SUMBA rehearsals or musical events, receiving this award was recognition that despite … interesting … circumstances, SUMBA is able to adapt and keep going, propelled by an enthusiastic exec team 🙂

However, nothing really lasts forever, which is why we must farewell Gus (our Musical Director) and Tom (our DOPE) to go on to bigger and better things. We can’t thank them enough for their enthusiasm, helpfulness, and teamwork as part of SUMBA’s 2020 exec.

And that is not all! SUMBA’s AGM late last year included the election of our 2021 exec team, featuring the exciting addition of Ellena as Vice President. We also bow down to our new President Neave, who will be amazing (I didn’t even need tea leaves to tell me that), and get a new Gus to replace our old Gus as Musical Director (the universe works in mysterious ways…). Check out the whole new exec team for 2021 under the ‘Meet the Exec’ page on the website!


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